3 Common Myths Facing Mini Bluetooth Speakers
3 Common Myths Facing Mini Bluetooth Speakers   In the world of mini Bluetooth Speakers, smaller is no longer inferior, as brands have been pushing these little guys to the limit. Here are 3 of the more common myths associated with mini Bluetooth Speakers that will have you thinking twice on passing one up.   Poor Sound Quality   Conventional thinking has you believe that a speaker must be large in size to produce any type of formidable sound quality. In today’s world of mini Bluetooth Speakers, that’s just not the case. For example, the AcoustoShock Mini comes packed with a 3 watt speaker that pumps out high quality tunes for your enjoyment wherever you are.   Unreliable Durability   We often associate smaller things as being fragile and unreliable. Parts are smaller and more brittle, with less room to add protective features. This myth has been busted again and again by mini Bluetooth Speakers. The AcoustoShock Mini sports an IPX6 water resistant rating, meaning you can literally take it into a rainstorm and it will come out functional. The added silicone cover helps the speaker prevent damage from drops and keeps it safe from dust and sand.   Battery Life   “So what’s the catch?” is a phrase we often say when something is described as mini. Battery life is a feature that we almost always have to sacrifice when developers are downsizing. With a 1,500 mAh battery, the AcoustoShock Mini boasts 10 hours of playtime, enough to extend your party into afterhours.