3 Must-Have Gadgets Under $100 for Techie Travelers
 Today’s travelers prefer to pack light, taking only the essentials. The question is, what makes the cut? For your next trip, we recommend these three must-have gadgets that will keep your baggage fees low while keeping your spirits high. Must Have Gadget #1: Spivio Stick If you’re doing any type of adventure traveling, selfie sticks are a must-have. With Spivio Stick, you can easily switch the field of view 180 degrees by clicking the trigger with your thumb, adding a completely new dynamic to your videos. You can pre-order an 18” stick for a discounted $39.39 right now, with shipping in December 2015. Must Have Gadget #2: Turcom Titan Bluetooth Speaker We’ve all made the mistake of relying on the hotel’s “speaker,” which is in most cases, poor quality or non-operational. For those of us hitting the pool or the beach, we often end up listening to the far-off tunes of another vacationer, wishing for our own playlist. For your next trip, whether for vacation or business, plan to pack the compact and water-resistant Titan Bluetooth speaker. It’s tough and attractive casing will keep it performing at its best for all your travel needs and at under $40, it fits your budget and your carry-on.Must Have Gadget #2: Turcom Titan Bluetooth Speaker Must Have Gadget #3: Rapoo Wireless Keyboard 

For business travelers, working from a show floor, conference or hotel room can be uncomfortable and throw your work routine off. The Rapoo E6700 is an ultra-thin compact Bluetooth Wireless Keyboard that brings your office with you. For a very affordable $65.49, the sleek white is perfect for maximizing productivity on the road.

Must Have Gadget #3: Rapoo Wireless Keyboard