3 Underused Features of a Portable Bluetooth Speaker
3 Underused Features of a Portable Bluetooth Speaker Portable Bluetooth speakers come with a variety of features, including everything from water resistance to convenient shapes and sizes that accommodate the on-the-go lifestyle. Yet, many people overlook some of the unconventional, yet practical ways that they can put their Bluetooth speaker to work. Here are 3 tips to get the most out of your portable Bluetooth speaker: Use it as an Emergency Charger for Your Mobile Device or Laptop Portable Bluetooth Speakers are ideal companions for trips to the beach, the pool, or even for your next tailgate. These places traditionally lack power outlets or charging stations and in many cases, you’re left with a phone that’s running on empty. Luckily, if you’ve shopped right, your portable Bluetooth Speaker doubles as an emergency charger. We suggest a speaker that has at least an 8,000mAh battery to engage both functions. Use it as a Speakerphone for a Conference Call  Business never stops, even if you are on the road. When you need to make an important call, the speaker function on your mobile phone may not be the best solution. When paired with some portable Bluetooth Speakers, however, you can bypass the phone’s speaker and use your portable speaker to make and receive phone calls. The added clarity and ability for hands-free conversations can make having to take a business call on vacation just a little more pleasant. Use it as Your Portable “Stereo” When Watching a Movie on Your Tablet Mobile devices and tablets are great for streaming short clips, but when you want to stream something longer, there needs to be a better speaker solution. To get clearer audio while watching the latest movie release on your tablet, try pairing it with your portable Bluetooth speaker for a more enjoyable experience.