5 Reasons You Need to Invest in a Home Security Camera
5 Reasons You Need to Invest in a Home Security Camera Unlike the previous generation of surveillance technology, today’s video cameras are both affordable and easy to set up. They can be positioned inside and outside your home, and give you a 24/7 look through any device you can connect to the Internet. You can see through your cameras whether you are 20 miles away at work or hundreds of miles away on vacation. In the past, cunning burglars could cut the power and telephone connections that serviced conventional security cameras. The modern camera beats this kind of disruption with wireless operation that uses mobile phone frequencies and long-lasting batteries. Security cameras provide maximum protection with features such as motion-sensors, night vision, and high resolution images that can help police identify the perpetrator if necessary. Here are five reasons to acquire a home security camera right now. 1). Watch the kids: Two working parents means kids often come home alone. With a security camera, you can check up on their safety, and make sure they’re not getting themselves into any trouble. 2). Save money: Insurers may reward homeowners who take steps to protect and safeguard their property. The installation of one or more security cameras around your home could significantly lower your home insurance premiums. 3). Live feed, instant response: Cameras that alert you to motion enable you to catch intruders in the act, and give you the chance to dial 911. High resolution images from a camera like the Turcom TS-611x1 CCTV Security Video Surveillance Camera System ensure that the video footage can be used by law enforcement to track down the perpetrator. 4). Peace of mind: If you’re home when someone comes to your door, you can see them without them seeing you. Moreover, you can see what is happening on all sides of your house, regardless of whether you are home. 5). Deterrence: Outdoor cameras tell potential burglars you are watching, and can help protect tempting outdoor property such as a vehicle or boat. Vandals, trespassers or car thieves will take their mischief elsewhere.