7 Home Improvement Upgrades You Should Make in 2016
 The home of the future can be yours today, without draining your budget or requiring a time-consuming and patience-wearing installation. The latest home automation devices transport your castle from contemporary to cutting edge, and are easily controlled through your tablet, computer or smartphone. Here are 7 home improvement upgrades you should make in 2016. 925 Kevo Bluetooth Electronic Lock 925 Kevo Bluetooth Electronic Lock Kevo turns your smartphone into your key. Simply enter your house by touching the lock while you keep your phone in your pocket or purse. Through Kevo mobile app, you can share eKeys,   receive notifications, and instantly re-key your lock. At $195, security and peace of mind have never been more affordable. Turcom cyberVIEW R HD Turcom cyberVIEW R HD Turcom makes 24 hour home monitoring as simple as glancing at your smartphone, tablet or computer. Features such as night vision, 2-way audio, motion detection, and enhanced camera motion control make this security camera the easiest way to keep an eye on your most valuable possessions. Check on your home, kids, babies, nanny and pets in true HD anytime from anywhere for just $129.99Keen Smart Vent Keen Smart Vent The Keen Smart Vent is designed to increase your comfort and reduce energy costs by regulating the temperature in each room in your home. The Smart Vent easily retrofits existing floor, wall and ceiling air vents, then wirelessly connects to your home network. The vents communicate with each other to manage airflow in rooms that are too hot, cold, or empty. A Smart Vent starter kit costs $195Phillips Hue light bulbs Phillips Hue light bulbs Phillips’ hue light bulb system connects your smart home to your imagination. You can control bulbs located everywhere from your bedroom to your backyard to enhance your security or serenity. Change the mood with colors, or sync lights with your music. A starter kit costs $199.95Everspring Wireless Flood Detector The Everspring Flood Detector is a small solution for a potentially giant problem. Leaks from burst water heaters, icemaker water lines, and toilets can cause catastrophic damage if undetected even for just a few hours. Everspring’s Wireless Flood detector can be placed anywhere that water leakage is possible and triggers an alert when water is detected. Spending less than $50 now can save you an enormous headache later. Nest Protect Smoke Plus Carbon Monoxide Alarm Nest Protect Smoke Plus Carbon Monoxide Alarm This Nest home automation product is a next generation approach to a conventional home device. The Nest Alarm connects to WiFi and sends a message to your smartphone if batteries are running low. It speaks to you in a human voice to tell you where smoke is coming from or when carbon monoxide levels are rising. Enjoy a more civilized smoke detector for $99Garageio Garageio Home automation can now answer one of life’s most pressing questions: Did I forget to close the garage door? With Garageio, you can stop worrying about keypad codes and garage security. Control up to three garage doors from anywhere, anytime for less than $200 with your existing garage hardware and smartphone.