Don’t Buy a Portable Bluetooth Speaker Without These 3 Must-Have Features
Shopping for the perfect Bluetooth Speaker can be quite challenging. With so many features, it can be overwhelming just to find a starting point. Luckily for you, we’ve highlighted three features every Bluetooth Speaker must-have before you can consider it. Toughness Most Bluetooth Speakers are built for multi-purpose use, but almost all brands forget that when designing a speaker that will combat the outdoor elements. Sure it may look great sitting on a book shelf, but what happens when you accidently drop it outside? The loss of music can put a damper on a party quickly. Find a Bluetooth Speaker that was built tough and you won’t worry anytime you actually take it somewhere. Water Resistant Water resistant and water proof are not the same thing. Make sure your Bluetooth Speaker has at least an IPX5 water-resistant rating or better. That way you know it will take more than a spill or a splash to doom your Bluetooth Speaker. Latest Bluetooth Version You bought a Bluetooth Speaker for a reason – no cords. Nothing is worse than listening to a speaker that constantly goes out because the connected device is out of range or the speaker isn’t compatible with the latest Bluetooth Version. Ideally you need at least a 33 foot connection range and Bluetooth Version 4.0. We have quite a few Bluetooth Speakers that match these specifications, but would recommend the AcoustoShock Bluetooth Speaker in this case. We built it ‘Turcom Tough’ to not only withstand outdoor elements, but to deliver high quality sound powered by two 30 Watt drivers. [caption id="attachment_62" align="aligncenter" width="584"]AcoustoShock Bluetooth Speaker The AcoustoShock Bluetooth Speaker has all three must-have features: toughness, water resistant and Bluetooth 4.0 compatibility.[/caption]