How does the AcoustoShock Move compare to similar products?
How does the AcoustoShock Move compare to similar products? How does our portable Bluetooth Speaker AcoustoShock Move compare to a similar product on the market? We put it side by side with the Photive HYDRA so you can see exactly what you are getting. Here’s how the AcoustoShock Move compares to the Photive HYDRA. Sound Sound quality is obviously the most important feature when shopping for a Bluetooth speaker. The AcoustoShock Move sports 10 watts of powerful audio without compromising quality, filling your surrounding area. The Photive HYDRA packs seven watts of audio for on the go listening, comparing it to that of a car horn and suitable for a speaker volume-level. Bluetooth The AcoustoShock Move uses Bluetooth 2.1, one of the more popular versions. This means is your speaker will pair with various devices from different manufacturers with increased reliability and easier than most. Photive’s HYDRA is equipped with Bluetooth 4.0, or Bluetooth Smart. Bluetooth 4.0 introduces the ability to collect data from various sensors, such as heart rate monitors and thermometers, along with the pairing ability of 2.1. Toughness The AcoustoShock Move has an IPX4 water-resistance rating, allowing it to be splashed with water from any direction without causing any damage to your speakers. Whether the speakers are enduring a day on the boat or unpredicted weather, the AcoustoShock Move is prepared to handle its environment. Photive’s HYDRA is shock-proof and has a rating of IP66. With this rating, the Photive HYDRA is dust-proof and has the water resistance to withstand powerful water jets of a 12.5 mm nozzle- not fully waterproof, but pretty close. Portability Stationary speakers are a thing of the past. Music is made to follow you wherever you go and so too are today’s top Bluetooth Speakers. The AcoustoShock Move has a built in rotating handle that doubles as a stand. The Photive HYDRA, although compact weighing in at approximately eight ounces, comes with no handle for on-the-go portability. Price AcoustoShock Move: $44.99 vs Photive HYDRA: $49.95. And that’s that. One of our latest speakers side by side with a comparable one in the market.