Your Complete Guide to Bluetooth Connections
Your Complete Guide to Bluetooth Connections With wires and cords being stripped from our everyday tech gadgets and Bluetooth being used as the primary way of connecting devices, it can get a little confusing trying to figure out all the various Bluetooth versions. We wanted to help you out, so we defined exactly what each Bluetooth version means so you know if your device connects or not. Here is a comprehensive look at what those Bluetooth Connections actually mean: Bluetooth 1.x is the most basic version of Bluetooth a person could get. It has an approximate max data rate of 1Mbps, which in the year 2015 is pretty much non-existent. Bluetooth 2.x is the most popular Bluetooth version. It is the basic rate of 1.x + EDR (Enhanced Data Rate), which improves the pairing ability, while increasing the strength of security and protecting data from cyber-attacks. Bluetooth 3.x has all the same abilities as Bluetooth 2.x, except with an added High Speed (HS) option- which is exactly as the name would suggest. Bluetooth 4.x has all the capabilities as 3.x with an added option. The Low Energy (LE) feature is added to collect data from various sensors, such as heart rate monitors and thermometers. Some major fine print to look out for is how each of these Bluetooth versions are advertised. Just because a device is advertised as Bluetooth 4.0 doesn’t mean it has all of the fancy options that could come with it. Make sure to see the version is noted with all the capabilities alongside.