CyberVIEW IP Security Camera

High Quality Video and Audio, Infrared, Night Vision, Motion Detection, and WiFi

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  • High Definition Video Quality
  • Easy to Use and Install
  • Wireless Connectivity
  • Motion Detection and 2-Way Audio
  • Compatible with Many Devices

High Quality Video and Audio, Infrared, Night Vision, Motion Detection, and WiFi

CyberVIEW IP Security Camera

Fully Equipped

Global Connectivity

This HD wireless security camera system is easy to install and use! Connect to your camera anywhere in the world and watch your home or property closely with its high definition video quality. This IP security camera can stream 1280x720p video to your phone, tablet, or computer! They can be logged into from any web browser for your convenience, allowing you to monitor around-the-clock! Super secure tunneling keeps your connections completely private.

Motion Detection & Two Way Audio

Setup alerts and alarms for motion detection

The CyberVIEW features motion detection, night vision, light sensors, and other detection services that give you high quality imaging and up-to-date reports on the security of your home or business. This HD home security camera is slim, lightweight, and easily mounted on any surface. The IR LEDs can be configured to be on full time, off full time, or automatically switching on or off with light sensor detection. The built-in microphone gives you excellent sound quality to pair with your video recognition.


Full Motion Ball-Joint Design

Rotate, tilt, and spin your HD wireless security camera until it is aligned with your desired angles. The easy-motion ball joint can be tightened or loosened to move freely. Tighten the ball joint when you achieve your angle and it won't budge! Test out different angles and views to see which ones suit your security needs.


WiFi, Ethernet, and P2P client connectivity

Connect the HD home security camera to Android, Apple iPhone, Apple Mac, or PC and watch your videos with a touch of a button. You can view live stream over WiFi, Ethernet, or directly via the IP address. The easy to use application can connect your camera in minutes. It's easy to mount, plug, and play with this wireless security device. If you're interested in tracking more than one room, you can connect multiple cameras to the same application and watch all the video feeds from one easy-to-manage place. Start keeping a closer eye on things and feel more secure with one of our surveillance cameras today!

More Information

Camera Movements:

    - Vertical Rotation: 90 degrees

    - Horizontal Rotation: 360 degrees (portrait to landscape orientation)

    - Left to Right Swivel: 10 degrees



Built-in Alarm that emails you

Motion Detection

Ambient Light Sensor (RoHS compliant 560nm illuminance detector)

Built-in Microphone and speaker for audio for 2-way audio

Audio out N/A



Technical Specifications:

HD Real time video streaming

Resolution: 1280 x 720 pixels

Image Frame Rate: 25 fps

3 DBI antenna for WI-FI connection

IR Leds: 8 IR leds, 850nm (8 meter illumination distance)

MicroTF card slot for extra memory storage for a 64GB card

H.264 Video Compression

Ethernet Slot

QR code located on the bottom of the camera to download the free MIPC application onto your mobile device or tablet

Compatible with web browsers and software on Iphones, Ipads, and Androids

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