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Turcom TS-6610H Professional Wide Graphic Drawing Tablet - 10" x 6.25" Surface Size with Pressure Sensitive Pen, 2048 Levels of Sensitivity

Turcom TS-6610H Professional Wide Graphic Drawing Tablet - 10" x 6.25" Surface Size with Pressure Sensitive Pen, 2048 Levels of Sensitivity

Turcom TS-6610H Professional Wide Graphic Drawing Tablet - 10" x 6.25" Surface Size with Pressure Sensitive Pen, 2048 Levels of Sensitivity

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SKU: TS-6610H

Out of Stock SKU : TS-6610H

Lifestyles. No matter what lifestyle you lead, the TS-6610H can provide something to make it easier. Tablets are being used more and more as the world of paper transforms to digital displays. Being able to sign documents, annotate, illustrate, draft, write, and edit digitally is becoming more prevalent every day. This tablet is versatile enough to cover those jobs and more with its easy-to-use interface and complex interactions from user to screen output.

Technology. The pen is wireless and touch sensitive which means it has a balanced weight, feels just like a traditional pen, and responds to your movements. The tablet has 2048 levels of pressure sensitivity that will change the opacity and width of a line to simulate depth, strength, and movement. The 4000 LPI ensures a high resolution dynamic between the tablet and the screen so you can perfectly recreate your creative thoughts onto your computer.

Convenience. The copy/paste features and dual buttons make it easy to manipulate the pen’s current task. You can control, move, click, and draw without dropping the stylus. Furthermore, the tablet has 16 hot cells which are across the top of the tablet. They offer easy access to your frequently used programs so you can switch between a myriad of software without lifting a finger.

Accessibility. Graphical interfaces are not often intuitive, but the TS-6610H offers a unique opportunity to intuitively redefine the way you work. No more clunky mice with complex designs for smooth movements. Your hand can nearly reach into the screen and draw as you would on traditional pen and paper mediums. This tablet is compatible with numerous programs, word editors, image editors, design programs, signatures, etc. Many of which come pre-installed for Windows

PC and Mac Compatible 




Turcom is making tablets affordable for use by anyone, not just artists.

Don’t limit yourself to a clunky or imprecise mouse. Turcom’s TS-6610H provides the ultimate graphical and visual interface for artists, illustrators, editors, annotators, drafters, and more. It has the smooth and effortless integration of digital response systems for pressure sensitive and high resolution drawings. Utilize the 2048 levels of pressure sensitivity for an accurate line that will change in opacity and width to match your pressure and movements. The pen is wireless to simulate the weight and feel of a traditional pen.

The tablet’s high resolution or LPI is capable of translating your physical movements into an accurate image on your monitor display. The detailed response system is coupled with a 220 RPS rating which his higher than most that way it picks up even the subtlest of brush strokes. The 10” x 6.25” active surface area ensures you won’t be limited by a device width or length. Included on the surface are 16 hot buttons which can be programmed for your 16 most preferred programs. Open or switch tabs with the tap of your pen. This has been engineered to keep your pen in your hand as often as possible for maximum comfortability.

Endless applications are met by a precise and smooth technology. These coupled modules work seamlessly together to simulate traditional pen and paper so your creativity is directly reflected on the page. With very little effort you can annotate a paper, edit an image, or create an illustration all from the same product with the same intuitive design.

PC and Mac Compatible 




Included Software:

Annotation for Word - Mark up word processor documents in freehand (compatible only with Windows 2000/XP)
PenCommander - Run any program or menu command using simple motions (compatible only with Windows 2000/XP)
PenSigner - Insert signatures or simple drawings into documents (compatible only with Windows 2000/XP/Vista/7)
PenMail - Compose and send handwritten e-mail messages (compatible only with Windows 2000/XP/Vista/7)
PenNotice - Capture screen shots and annotate documents in Microsoft Office or Microsoft Whiteboard (compatible only with Windows 2000/XP/Vista/7)

Included in the Box:

1x Graphic tablet with attached 53" USB cable (USB A male)
1 x Drawing pen (stylus) 1x Pen stand 1x 5.25" CD with drivers, manuals, software
1x Quick Reference Guide
1x AAA battery
5x Spare pen tips