IP Security Camera with Night Vision, WiFi, and 2-Way Audio

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  • Monitor Remotely
  • Affordable, Easy to Setup
  • Night Vision up to 32 Feet
  • High Definition Video
  • Control with Turcom App

IP Security Camera with Night Vision, WiFi, and 2-Way Audio


Feel Safe and Secure

Monitor Home Wirelessly

Whether you want to go on a weekend getaway, or just monitor your pet while you are away at work, the CyberVIEW S is the solution for you. You do not need a costly and complicated video surveillance system to feel confident that your home is secure and safe. Simply download the Turcom camera application, and in a few short steps you will have a full-fledged wireless IP camera system that you can control right from your palm! You no longer need to worry about what your kids are doing after school, if the nanny has fed your child on time, or if your dog is causing trouble again.

Many Great Features

Night Vision, WiFi, 2-Way Audio

The CyberVIEW S may be small, but it sure is mighty and packed with features. With just a few clicks, you will be able to see and hear the camera’s environment, and you can be heard through the 2-way audio system that includes a microphone and speaker. Once evening hits, you will still be able to clearly monitor the area with the night vision and it 32 foot range. Set up multiple WiFi security cameras if you feel that you want to watch additional areas more closely.

Stay in the Loop

Control camera from many devices

After you download the camera application, you will be pleased to know that you can monitor your home or property from a variety of devices! This includes phones, tablets, and laptops. You won’t need to continuously check your phone since you have the ability to set up notifications. One neat feature is a built-in alarm that emails you when a motion or voice is detected. This way, you will be able to act quickly and appropriately if something suspicious is happening.

More Information
specificationsHD High Definition video streaming - Real Time
Resolution: 720p (1280 x 720 pixels)
MicroTF card slot for additional memory storage with up to 64GB card
Vertical Rotation: 90 degrees
3 DBI rated built-in antenna for Wi-Fi connection
Built-in Microphone and speaker for audio for 2-way audio
Image Frame Rate: 25 fps
Horizontal Rotation: 355 degrees
Built-in Alarm that emails you when motion or a voice is detected
1 x RJ45 Ethernet Slot for wired connection to the network
Vertical Rotation: 90 degrees
H.264 Video Compression
QR code also identifies the camera ID number and inputs it into the MIPC control app.
Horizontal Rotation: 355 degrees
QR code on the camera automatically downloads the free MIPC application to your device
Compatible with iOS (Apple) and Android operating systems, as well as web browsers
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